IV. General Cancer Information

  1. 1.Breast Cancer

    1-1. breast cancer information_english.doc

    1-2. breast cancer information_korean.pdf


  1. 2.Cervical Cancer

    1-1. cervical cancer information_english.doc

  1. 3.Ovarian Cancer

    1-1. ovarian cancer information_english.doc

Useful Website

American Liver Foundation


Division of Viral Hepatitis,

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


National Immunization Program,

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Hepatitis B Foundation


Hepatitis B Initiative

National Task Force on Hepatitis B:

Focus of Asians and Pacific Islander Americans

Hepatitis Foundation International


Immunization Action Coalition


Jade Ribbon Campaign

Asian Liver Center at Stanford University

National Institute of Health’s “Asian American Health” website

Parents of Kids with Infectious Disease (PKIDS)


Education Materials

I. Photonovel

  1. 1.Asian American Liver Cancer Education Program (promoting Hepatitis B screening) 


    1-1. hepB photonovel_chinese.pdf

    1-2. hepB photonovel_korean.pdf

    1-3. hepB photonovel_vietamese.pdf

2. Korean American Breast Cancer Program

    (promoting Mammogram)

    1-1. breast cancer photonovel_english.pdf

    1-2. breast cancer photonovel_korean.pdf

  1. 3.Korean American Cervical Cancer Program

    (promoting PAP test)

    1-1. cervical cancer photonovel_english.pdf

    1-2. cervical cancer photonovel_korean.pdf

  1. II.Presentation

  2. 1.Asian American Liver Cancer Education Program 

    1-1. hepB presentation_chinese.pdf   

    1-2. hepB presentation_korean.pdf   

    1-3. hepB presentation_viet.pdf   

    1-4. hepB presentation_english.pdf

III. Role-playing Video

  1. 1.Asian American Liver Cancer Education Program    

    (Doctor-Patient communication)


*to watch these videos in full screen format, please click the center of each video.


    1-3. w/ Vietnamese Caption

1-2. w/ Korean Caption

    1-1. w/ Chinese Caption